If you are looking for the latest summer hair color ideas or hairstyle trends to try out this summer then you have come to the right place. We collect an exclusive selection of the best hair color ideas for your style and beauty.

Fabulous hair color combinations are so on trend nowadays and look great on so many different types of people. The experts at Hair Color and Mousse Magazine said these colors were best suitable for the peachy tones of golden skin, Light skin, and Darker Skin Tone.

In summer, Fashion fades away, but good looks live on. The summer season is the most popular time for hair color transformation, and it’s not just about adding bold hues to the hair but also about creating a natural look for those who want to try something new. This blog will provide a list of the most popular trending Summer hair colors.

Five trending summer hair color ideas

Riviera brown, Platinum blonde, Decent copper, Three-tone blonde and Modified gray these are the more popular trending summer hair colors for short and long hairs.

Riviera brown

Riviera brown hair color

French Riviera, sun, ice-cold drink, and those perfect, sun-bleached stripes. This image has been inspired by trending Summer hair colors, Riviera brown, says Who What Wear.

The base color of the hit hair is a full-bodied, slightly ashy brown, softened by light baby stripes resembling sunbeams. The style also works as a trendy mushroom brown, with Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde hair color

Billie Eilish, Christina Aguilera, and Kim and Khloe Kardashian, among others, have recently dyed their hair platinum. It is, therefore, safe to say that this is the undisputed hit color of the summer.

And that’s a passport for us Finns because according to hairdresser Emilia Laitinen, the traditional living water blonde is an enduring favorite of Finn’s.

Decent copper

Decent copper hair color

The red hair has been on the surface for a long time and no change is yet to come. Instead of neutral cinnamon and strawberry maroon, this summer will return to traditional copper.

Three-tone blonde

Three-tone blonde hair color

In addition to brown hair, natural sun streaks are also sought for blonde hair.

Zoë Irwin, an expert in Wella color trends interviewed by Who What Wear, says that three-tone light hair colors created with balayage technology now look especially trendy.

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Modified gray

Modified gray hair colors

Natural shades of gray now look more stylish than ever!

Even if it grows out of its natural gray color, there is no need to leave color experiments. Larry King, a hairdresser interviewed by Who What Wear, suggests that you can add darker or lighter sections to your color, for example, to frame your face or deepen your base. When you keep the color palette close to your own natural color, the end result looks natural.