Jussie Smollett attends BET Awards

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Eyebrows raised as the bullied black man Jussie Smollett turned up at the 22nd annual BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday for a small party, which was held at Microsoft Theater.

The disgraced man who has a prison sentence of 150 days for five counts of felony disorderly conduct has had his sentence cut short by an appeals court, freeing him from the Cook County Jail

 Jussie is waiting for his case to be appealed - he decided to showcase his chest hair by going for a new hairstyle. He dyed his hair matte black then added some beachy wavy strands to the mix.

This has always been the plan, I wanted to expand my audience, so to speak. To expand the level of what I want to do. Just as I have been able to direct multiple episodes of a show music videos, 

he was able to bring in fresh talent into this industry. So much talent out there with so many stories that are aspiring artists or actors just starting out that need someone like me

According to research, families who go camping
have stronger bonds and are able to communicate better. Spending time with friends and family is
what makes people happy in their lifes. 

Jussie revealed that he has been working hard on bettering himself through religion. 

He thanked his family and friends for their support in his journey of self-discovery, going into detail about the mistakes he felt led to him landing in prison.