Toyota recalls electric cars due to loose wheels

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Toyota is recalling 2,700 of its first mass-produced all-electric vehicles over concerns that the bolts securing their wheels can weaken to the point where they detach from the vehicle.

On Fridaya

Toyota announced the recall of 2,700 vehicle bZ4X's. Authorities have indicated that if a wheel detaches from the car while it is being driven, 


Toyota has issued a safety recall for 2,700 bZ4X SUVs, which include 2000 of them sold on the US market, some in Europe and Canada, 


all of them sold in Japan.

 A spokesperson with the company says that if a wheel detaches from one of these vehicles while driving it could result in a loss of control, making it very dangerous.

Toyota said the automaker notified Japan's safety regulators about a defect in its airbag system on Thursday. The exact cause of the problem was still under investigation.


it could lead to a loss of control and increase the risk of accident.



Officials say that "no one should drive these vehicles until the remedy is performed," and the BBC understands that some bZ4X models have not been recalled. 

But a Toyota spokesperson declined to comment on how many of the vehicle the company had manufactured.