People cut back on food shopping

which tends to be a product that most budgets can't afford these days. 

With rising food prices biting into consumer budgets, UK sales figures of grocery stores in the United Kingdom have been low for months. 

UK retail sales fall as price rises

Though people are still buying very high amounts of food -

just not as much as higher priced items and so we see that about forty percent of adults have said that they have only bought less food in the grocery store than usual because of higher prices.

Supermarkets Asda and Tesco have told the BBC that some of their customers have been cutting back on shopping.

Asda said that

one customer put a £30 limit per trip; whereas another shopper has placed a £5 maximum at petrol pumps.

according to The Guardian about possible price comparison site Asda Money, The British Retail Consortium has found that food sales have dropped 1.5%. 

average consumer feeling very uneasy overall about the economy and their ability to afford those all too essential household products, 

 May saw an overall drop in retail sales of 0.5% as well which only adds to already very poor economic conditions 

Today, retail sales have fallen in the UK due to people buying less food,