How to Manage Arthritis Pain in Children

Managing arthritis pain in children is very important. This is because arthritis afflicts one child in every 1000 children in any given year. Juvenile arthritis is the name often used for all types of children arthritis. This medical condition affects girls twice as often as boys. It can occur at any age from birth until 16 years. However, early diagnosis of this medical condition gives a child better opportunities to get early treatment and disease management.

Manage Arthritis Pain in Children

Arthritis Pain in Children

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. This normally occurs due to the breakdown of cartilages between the bones. Cartilages play a significant role in absorbing the pressure when joints move. They act more as shock absorbers do in vehicles. Without the correct amount of cartilages between joints, bones rub against each other any time there is a movement. This results in arthritis patients experiencing pain when they move. This medical condition can inflict individuals of all ages.

Arthritis brings a number of challenges to children. Apart from this medical condition affecting children’s academic performance, it lowers their self-esteem and makes them feel they are different from their peers. This brings feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Moreover, it can lead to anger and frustrations due to the restrictions it imposes on a child’s mobility.

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It is important for parents of children who suffer from arthritis to seek medical advice on the management of arthritis pain in children as early as possible. This would enable them to assist their child to understand and cope with the condition better.

Arthritis can be among the most traumatizing experience for any young person. Many of the children who have arthritis do not understand what is happening to them, since there is a wide misconception that this medical condition is an ‘adults’ disease’. Such children experience terrible joint pain when playing with their peers. This makes it almost impossible for such children to get involved in any extracurricular activities.

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