10 Healthy Combinations of Food for Weight loss

Top 10 Healthy combinations of food for weight loss which helps right Way To boost fat loss. Lot’s of People thinking about “what food to eat to lose weight“. Incorporating healthy foods to lose weight in your regular diet is something that will help you stay fit and healthy for a long time, instead of going on strict diet fads that in the long run are extremely harmful.

Combinations of Food for Weight loss are very simple if you seriously commit yourself. This is a must because if you are considered to be obese then the sooner you begin to eliminate fats the better. The best way to do this is to eat foods that help your body to increase metabolism. The food you eat must be your first priority before starting any rigorous exercise. This doesn’t mean that you can take in foods that can make you feel energized. You also need to closely scrutinize your fat burning diet foods.

This means that you need to avoid junk foods, sugary and salty foods. These are a definite “no-no” for your fat burning diet plan as they will lead you to fail in your attempt to lose weight. You also need to be aware that fat burning pills will not be effective as a part of your diet. These pills don’t have the right ingredients to help your body metabolize. It is advised that you check with your doctor to find out if these pills will eliminate your body fats.

Best Healthy combinations of food for weight loss

There are no real top healthy foods to lose weight, but there are basic foods that have been shown to be good for you. Some food that makes me feel great can make someone else feel bad because of food allergies. So, of course, it is always best to ask a nutritionist or a licensed doctor. Here is only a small list of some healthy foods to lose weight.


While you cannot be sure if an apple a day keeps the doctors away, you can, however, be certain that apples will keep those extra pounds away. Apples have high fiber content which gives a feeling of being ‘full’ allowing you to eat fewer calories. Munch an apple before dinner or a heavy lunch, you will find your appetite being lowered.


Eggs: Breakfast on its own is called the healthiest meal of the day but a breakfast coupled with a few eggs is sure to burn more calories during the day. Besides, eggs contain healthy proteins that are good for the body and prevent bulking up.

Olive Oil Help Lose Weight

• Olive oil: A very good substitute for ordinary cooking oil, olive oil is much healthier and tasty. You can use it; as a dressing for different salads; cook your food in it, and use it as you like, there is absolutely no wrong way of using olive oil. Studies prove that olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that speed up your metabolism rate allowing your body to lose more weight.


Lentils: Lentils happen to be one of the top healthy foods to lose weight that should be on your diet list. They are enriched with proteins and soluble fiber and are ideal for stabilizing the blood sugar levels in your body.


Tomatoes: Did you ever need a reason to eat tomatoes? Well! Here is a strong one, they help you lose weight. Tomatoes are high in fiber which tricks your body into feeling full thereby lowering your appetite. You eat less; therefore, you consume lesser calories.

Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms: An excellent substitute for meat, mushrooms provide almost similar taste and texture to food as meat does. On the plus side, they have relatively fewer calories. So next time when you plan to make pasta, use mushrooms in place of meat.

As you may know, healthy foods can help your body to burn fats and eliminate body toxins. Recommended healthy foods are fruits and vegetables. However, you can also eat meat as part of your fat burning diet program. Just make sure that any fat is sliced off and that you only eat lean meat. To make it easier for you, here is a list of some of the foods (particularly fruits and vegetables) that will help burn fats in your body:

  • Chilli peppers (different varieties)
  • Whole grains
  • Avocado
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Citrus fruits
  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Spinach
  • Grapefruit
  • Olives
  • Cabbage
  • Melon
  • Asparagus

Although these foods will help to eliminate fats in your system, you need to remember that you also have to take the necessary action to fully eliminate body fats. You need an exercise regime and it’s worth getting some help from a fitness expert to increase the rate of body fat elimination.

You need to eat foods essential to reducing fats in your body and combine this diet with exercise to succeed on your weight loss program. There’s no time like the present to make a start on your fat burning diet now and put yourself well on the road to having a more slender, fitter and healthier body.

Healthy Green Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

This Green Juice helps to Lose Belly Fat and Get rid of belly fat within Five Days. This is Amazing delicious nutritious extremely healthy and Best Way To Lose Weight remedy. The miracle green juice helps you to lose your weight two kilos in just 5 Days. What to eat to lose weight?

From the last 7 days, I have been following this remedy that I found a significant difference in my body. That’s why I am excited to share with you this remedy.

8 Ingredients To make smoothies juice for weight loss

Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight, what to eat to lose weight

A small bowl of the fresh mint leaf – Mint is refreshing it helps release in digestion stress

Medium-sized of cucumber – Cucumber contains the detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body. This is naturally cooling and high nutrients, low in calories so it helps for weight loss.

Aloe Vera gel– You can use fresh Aloe Vera gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaf. Encase if you don’t have fresh Aloe Vera gel you can use ready-made Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is one of the best body cleansers it removes the toxins from the body; it helps water retention and fat accumulation.

Celery – It is highly nutritious extremely low in calories rich in fiber and full of water that keeps you feeling full for a longer time and help prevent overweight. It also helps in digestion lowers your cholesterol level and prevents Diabetes.

Ginger – Ginger is slimming roots it helps weight loss improve digestion and also helps for reducing belly fat.

Lemon – Lemon is fat-fighting food it contains valuable nutrients, antioxidants, the fiber that improve digestion and help in fat burning.

Honey– Honey discourages fat storage and gives you a boost of energy.

Chat Masala – this is optional you can use it just for taste.

Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight, what to eat to lose weight

Green Juice Prepare and Use Method:

Best juice smoothies for weight loss: Before adding the ingredients make sure peel off the cucumber and cut into small paces then put into a grinder, add all ingredients together with a fresh mint leaf, celery, ginger and 2 spoons of fresh lemon gel into a grinder. Add 1 and a half glass of water and grind all these ingredients together. After grind, the ingredients filter the juice then add freshly squeeze lemon juice.

Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight, what to eat to lose weight
Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Take a glass of green juice, add honey around a teaspoon, and a small teaspoon of chat masala. Now weight loss green juice is ready to drink. You can have this juice along with the apple hand handful of walnuts and almonds.

Replace your breakfast with this five-day diet plan to get the result. This whole combination is low in calories it feels the body with vitamins minerals nutrients antioxidants protein enzymes and fiber that gives a boost of high energy to your body, helps get rid of toxins, promotes fullness for a longer period of time and help you lose weight.

Why Should Eat Healthy food Parings to Boost Weight Loss

You might be asking yourself, but why would I eat Healthy combinations of food for weight loss? Why can’t I just use the best diet pill, or maybe just go on a crash diet?

Well, a lot of people forget that their body is a natural organism, and when you use all these strong medicated diet pills it is actually hurting your body.

Sure you might get some quick results, but the key to keeping your fat off is making your health your main priority and treating this as a lifestyle like I have mentioned a lot on this site.

If you were to go on a crash diet you would get what is called rebound fat, which means that even after you lose all that weight drastically with a crash diet you will gain it all right back.

Another popular belief about healthy foods that are false is how expensive the food is. Simply adding at least one green vegetable to all your meals is enough to notice a difference. Unlike a poor diet, healthy foods to lose weight will make you feel terrific in your mood.

Exercising does help but it is not an option for everyone from too busy of a schedule to maybe having a medicinal reason such as a prior injury, you can still look great with the proper nutrition. With just healthy foods you can lose plenty of weight.