What is Waxing, How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

What is waxing, hair removal? How bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt? Why is waxing hair removal a better method for unwanted pubic hair removal than shaving? What are the benefits of body wax, body waxing, and hair removal?

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a form of hair removal, removing the entire hair from the hair follicle/root. So it takes longer for the hair to grow out and when it does, it will feel much smoother. When Shaving, on the other hand, hair may show up the same, if not, two days after. It will be coarse and have that “stubble” feel.

Body waxing, body wax, hair removal help the hair grows softer and the hair shaft becomes thinner. The proper waxing technique should not cause ingrown hairs.  Some inexperienced waxing operators, sometimes, will cause ingrown hairs to the clients. Shaving, in general, will cause ingrown hair due to improper shaving techniques.

How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt

You should wait after about 10-14 days your last shave. The hairs should be at least 1/4 inch long, so the wax can grab all the hairs. You can wait for your last bikini wax for about 4-6 weeks. Some individuals grow hair faster than others, so they can repeat the bikini wax or Brazilian bikini wax sooner. How can you prepare for the bikini wax, body wax at home, before you arrive for an appointment? Just shower! Make sure the bikini area is dry and clean.

Sometimes your skin is more sensitive in one area than another, especially when it gets closer to the middle. Yes, sometimes bleeding will occur. But this is so minimal. Again, this is when the queen of Brazilian bikini wax expertise comes into play. You must prepare for the bikini wax, body wax at home, before you arrive for your appointment. Just shower! Make sure the bikini area is dry and clean. Before you come to wax you need to trim your hair if it is really long. But make sure to leave about 1/4 inch.

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How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

When waxing in such a sensitive area, pain cannot be avoided, albeit it is very minimal pain. Body wax or hair removal is a technique and should not hurt too much at all.  But that depends on each individual.

Do not rub any lotion after your bikini wax, hair removal, or body waxing. Lotions contain perfume that will cause a rash or sudden breakouts. After waxing, during and after waxing, sprinkle some body powder.  If you still have some sticky areas on your skin after waxing or hair removal, make sure that your skin is free from wax before you leave. But if you still want to clean your skin, warm water and regular body wash will do the trick.

What is Waxing, How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt

Difference between hot wax hair removal and unheated wax?

Basically, if you’re using hot wax for hair removal, you typically heat the wax in a microwave oven for a few seconds until the wax is soft and liquid-like.

Of course, you don’t want to heat it too much because the wax is going on your skin and you don’t want to burn yourself!

What is the difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax for men?

Difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax for men?

Basic Bikini Wax Brazilian bikini wax
The basic bikini wax is removing the unwanted hair from the areas just outside the party’s line, and also some hair from the bottom. A Brazilian bikini wax is removing everything. Your Brazilian bikini waxing pro waxes the entire area in between 5-15 minutes total.

Wax Stick (What is Waxing – Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?)

I recently tried a wax stick that was basically like a deodorant gel stick. You turn the dial on the wax container so that the wax appears just like you do with your deodorant stick.

Then you apply the wax directly to the skin to be treated just like you’d apply deodorant to your underarms.

Then you use the cloth strips which are supplied to remove the wax and the unwanted hair along with it just like you would with a heated wax kit.

In my experience, the process was slightly cleaner and less messy than heated wax since with heated wax. You generally have to dip a stick into the wax container and then try to apply it to your skin without spilling it everywhere.

It’s heated liquid at this point so it can drip, something that you don’t have to worry about with the wax stick which is not heated.

There was no dripping with the unheated wax stick that I used.

What is Waxing, How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt

Sugaring Wax for Brazilian

Sugaring isn’t waxing per se since it uses a sugar-substance that looks like toffee, and not wax. The sugaring product I used doesn’t have to be heated and is soft enough that it can be applied directly to the skin.

Then a cloth strip is applied to the sugar and as you do with waxing, you quickly pull the cloth strip away from your body removing both the sugar and the unwanted hair.

Since the sugar is a soft but solid substance (ie. it’s not a liquid) it doesn’t drip and since it doesn’t have to be heated, there is no chance of burning yourself or having to deal with a drippy mess.

As far as the results go, in my experience, the hot wax hair removal option performed pretty much the same as the wax stick and sugaring in terms of how long the hair removal lasted. I didn’t really notice a difference in that regard.

My Body Waxing Hair Removal Experience

As we discussed on the main waxing page, body waxing refers to using a wax substance to remove unwanted body hair.

My waxing hair removal experiences have generally followed the same Benefits and Considerations listed on the main Waxing page.

I generally got several weeks of hair-free skin but usually had irritated red skin for the first days after treatment.

Body Waxing Hair Removal Experience

I also found the process to be messy and somewhat painful especially when large areas of hair were being waxed.

Plus, I was rarely able to do the waxing hair removal myself so I had to recruit someone (ie. my wife) to help.

The fact that you get several weeks of hair-free living (as opposed to longer hair-free periods offered by laser and light treatment options) makes waxing a less desirable option if you want to avoid regular treatment every few weeks.

I’ve also found that waxing hair removal is often difficult to do right the first time especially in areas with a lot of hair. You might end up having to treat the same area several times to get 100% hair removal.

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