7 tricks to Lighten the tone of your teeth with home remedies

Today, there are several products on the market for teeth whitening. However, the products are made from tooth-penetrating ingredients that irreversibly damage the enamel. Lighten your tooth shade naturally, with home remedies, using these methods.

7 tricks to Lighten the tone of your teeth

Do you dream of white teeth like this? Try removing stains with a home bracket. 

Those who dreams of a whiter smile it is not necessary to buy the expensive products from market.

Admittedly, many experts recommend sticking to commercial preparations such as toothpaste. Do-it-yourself whiteners when can also cause damage if your teeth whitener is excited to use them too much.

Seven Tips to Whiten your Teeth Naturally

Activated carbon

Activated carbon adsorbs – absorbs in a concentrated manner – for example, several toxic substances.

According to Prevention, this makes activated charcoal a right product for home-made teeth whitening, as it also binds yellowish substances such as coffee, wine and plaque.

However, dentists warn that activated charcoal should not be used daily as it can destroy tooth enamel. You can use it Once or twice a week is enough. The carbon is mixed with water to a paste applied to the teeth’ surface. After three minutes, rinse off the paste.

Banana peel

Banana peels contain potassium, magnesium and manganese, all of which can reduce stains on teeth. This is why tooth whiteners can be repaired with shells.

For bleaching, choose ripe banana peels from which you cut a piece that fits in your mouth. Rub this piece on your teeth for about two minutes and brush your teeth as usual after that. The treatment can be performed once a week.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties that help to protect teeth from plaque accumulation. So try using a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar per two parts water as a mouthwash.

This may at least reduce the yellowing of your teeth.


Removing yellowing with a yellow spice may sound weird, but believe me, it works.

Turmeric shrinks pores, which, according to Prevention, can also remove plaque from teeth. It also has similar abrasive properties as baking soda, so it also polishes teeth. However, this means that turmeric should not be used daily for the well-being of tooth enamel.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial and has been proven to reduce plaque caused by gingivitis that can turn teeth.

Try replacing your mouthwash with one tablespoon of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which you will spray in your mouth for five minutes.

how to Lighten the tone of your teeth

Baking soda

Baking soda is commonly used to remove stains – so why not use it to whiten your teeth as well?

As soda as an abrasive can irritate the gums and damage the enamel, use bleaches made from it no more than a couple of times a week, if so often. Roughly sanded tooth enamel can attract even more discolouration, so overly eager bleaching with baking soda can take revenge.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a whitening agent often used in whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Pharmacy solutions containing two to three per cent hydrogen peroxide are safe for oral use. Mix one part of this solution with one amount of water and spray. Be careful not to swallow the substance.

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