How to Use Mulethi Powder for Hair Removal?

Almost all women are suffering from unwanted facial hair problems. Whether it’s your legs, back, bikini line, underarms, or even your face. Removing that unwanted hair is crucial to look beautiful and sexy. Don’t worry about that, you can use Mulethi Powder for hair removal, Mulethi powder is one of the easiest ways to remove facial hair at home.

I know your thinking now how does Mulethi powder remove facial hair? Can I use Mulethi Powder for Permanent facial hair removal? Does it really work?

Let’s see How to use Mulethi Powder for Hair Removal, and control unwanted hair growth. But before that, you must know “what causes hair growth on your face?

Use Mulethi Powder for Hair Removal

You can use Mulethi Powder as a face pack for Hair Removal that easily removes unwanted hair permanently within a few days.  This remedy will not only help to get rid of unwanted facial hair but also stop them from growing further.

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Using Mulethi is a cost-effective and natural way to get rid of unwanted facial hair removal without any side effects, pain, irritation, without damaging your sensitive skin.

Facial Hair removal Ingredients
Ingredients for Facial Hair Removal

Ingredients to make Hair removal paste

These are the main hair removal powder ingredients:

  1. Two tablespoons of Licorice Powder (it is also known as Mulethi, Liquorice Powder or Yestimadhu)
  2. Three tablespoons of besan  (it is also known as gram flour or chickpea flour)
  3. Two tablespoons of moong dal powder
  4. One tablespoon of cornflour
  5. One teaspoon of turmeric powder

How to Make Hair Removal Paste?

Make Facial hair removal paste to remove unwanted facial hair

  1. Take a clean bowl and put all ingredients together
  2. Combine the ingredients properly
  3. Simply take small teaspoons of hair remover powder in a small bowl add enough milk to get the smooth paste.
  4. After that, mix it well, make sure the paste is thick and smooth. Now your Permanent facial hair removal facial pack is ready to apply on your face.

The rest of the ingredients you can store them at an airtight container. You can store this facial hair removal powder so whenever you want to use it within 15 to 20 days.

Applying Mulethi Powder paste for hair removal

How to use Hair Removal paste?

Just proceed carefully to the area where there is unwanted hair. Applying Mulethi powder hair removal paste to remove facial hair

  1. Before using the paste dap, little talcum powder with the help of cotton to the areas where you want to remove unwanted facial hair.
  2. Then applies the thick layer of the paste Where you have access hair, particularly on the mouth and chick area.
  3. After applying for paste leave until dry, it completely.
  4. When the paste dries rubs in the circular motion with the help of your hand, then wash off with cold water.

After following these steps, you will see the effect of licorice powder on facial hair if you want a better result to follow these steps thrice a week up to 2 weeks to get rid of facial hair permanently.

Mulethi powder for hair removal

What Causes Female Facial Hair Growth

These are 3 main causes of female facial hair growth:

  1. Unwanted facial hair can occur due to hormonal unbalance in our body,
  2. facial hair can occur due to specific meditation for a more extended period and
  3. Pregnancy or irregular menstruation cycle.

Are you Excited to know how does Mulethi helps to remove facial hair?

Do you know Mulethi Powder has lots of health benefits. Read more Uses, and side effects of Mulethi / Yashtimadhu Or Licorice Powder.

Patanjali Mulethi powder for Hair, Use and Health Benefits

Licorice root powder or Mulethi powder is also used to give proper nutrition and enhance hair. We can use Mulethi powder for hair growth. By washing your hair with licorice root powder, it helps to grow hair faster. Take Licorice root powder and buffalo milk, mix it, and make a paste. Apply it on your hair roots and wash it off after dry. It helps to stop hair fall immediately.

Licorice Root or Mulethi powder is the most popular used worldwide for coughs colds chest congestion and sore throat. It’s also suitable for a range of digestive disorders and skin conditions, including rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. Another benefit is that it combines well with practically all other herbs. A formula can be balanced for you, and licorice is harmonized with the other herbs that appear in combination. You can use Mulethi powder as a hair pack, which is very useful to get rid of hair problems like dandruff itchy scalp.

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Control unwanted hair growth from Nose, Ear, Eyebrows, Lip area

Remove Nose hair– When tips for unwanted nasal hair removal are desired, it is essential to exercise caution. Hair in the nasal passage is there for a reason. It helps filter the air people breathe. With this in mind, it’s best not to tweeze or otherwise pull out nasal hair. It can, however, be trimmed. You can use specialized nose hair clippers. These are designed to make access to the nasal cavity easier.

Ear hair – Men, in particular, can find some rather odd hairs growing out of their ears as they age. While this hair is not quite as crucial as nasal hair, it should not be removed entirely when in the ear canal. Trim instead. For the outer ear, use tweezers to pull hair out from the root, if at all possible. Do be careful with hair removal even on the outside, as it can be a bit more painful than many realize.

Eyebrows – Hair removal here does present with a few options. It is essential to make sure a good shape is left to the brow, however, or a person will look a bit odd. For stray hairs, an ice cube to numb the area and a pair of tweezers can work well for unwanted hair removal. If the area is particularly overgrown, consider a professional waxing.

Removing Unwanted Hair

There are many costly methods and techniques available in the market to get rid of facial hair permanently. But these methods can cause skin irritation can damage your skin, especially those who have sensitive and dry skin.

Lip area – Women, in particular, are not fond of moustaches that might grow in this area. Waxing and tweezing tend to offer the best hair removal options for this area. Laser hair removal can provide a more permanent solution in some cases.

Bikini line – hair removal cream, tweezers, and razors can all work very well here. Take care not to remove hair from susceptible areas.

Common Names of Mulethi/Licorice

According to state/province and places, Licorice has a different name in India. Such as:

Sanskrit:Yastimadhu, Yastimadhuk, Madhuyasti, Jalyasti, Klitika, Madhuk, Sthlyasti
Hindi:Mulhathi, Malethi, Mulethi, Mithi lakdi, jethimadhu
Kannad:Jesthmadhu, Yashtimahukam
Gujrati:Jethimadha, Jesthimadh
Marathi:Jesthimadhu, Jeshtimadha
Tamil:Atimadhuram, Adimaduram
Telugu:Yastimadhukam, Atimadhuram
Punjabi:Mulethi, Alasu
Bangali:Yastimadhu, Yashtimadhu
Malyalam:Malhathi, Atimadhuram
Mulethi Name

Patanjali Mulethi Powder Hair Removal FAQs

Is Mulethi good for skin?

Yes, You can use Mulethi powder as skin lightening to get fair skin. Mulethi helps to achieve balanced, even skin tone and also lighten your pigmentation and a dark mark on your face.

Does licorice help lighten skin?

Yes, Licorice helps lighten your skin. For that, you have to use the Licorice Fairness mask. This pack not only gives you fantastic fairness, but it also lightens your dark marks, pigmentation marks. It also lightens dark, discolored patches around your mouth.

Does licorice remove facial hair?

When we think of hair removal, most of us naturally assume that it is temporary hair removal. If you want to control unwanted hair growth, you can use a Licorice powder hair removal paste. This is one of the best home remedies to control your unwanted hair growth.

Is Mulethi good for cough?

Respiratory disorders are a problem faced by several individuals. Generally, many people take sore throat, cough, and cold light. However, this reflects the low immunity level of the body. One of the best remedies that help in treating these problems is Licorice, which works as an effective anti-cough and cold herb.

The Mulethi powder is non-drowsy and hence does not make you feel sleepy, unlike standard cough syrups.

Does licorice powder lighten skin?

Yes, licorice powder helps to lighten your skin, for that you need to use proper way on your skin. Take three teaspoons of Licorice powder, add one teaspoon of wheat flour, and one teaspoon of gram flour (skip the gram flour in case you have sensitive skin). Then add some cold milk enough to make a smooth paste.

Before applying this paste, clean your face with rose water with the help of a cotton ball. After that, use the thick layer of paste in an upper direction. Live on for 20 minutes, then rinse off with cold water.

This is an excellent Licorice fairness mask for lightening skin and for enhancing facial fairness. It helps to lighten your pigmentation, dark spots, and age spots.

Are Mulethi and Yashtimadhu the same?

Yes, Mulethi and Yasthimadhu are the same. Licorice is known as Mulethi or Yasthimadhu in India.

Is Licorice good for face?

You can use Licorice as a deep cleanser and help to remove the dead cells, and impurities leave your skin clear and glowing. Licorice powder is the best facial hair removal for women.

What is the use of Mulethi powder?

We can use Mulethi powder to improve our health and beauty. Licorice powder aids in combating many respiratory diseases like asthma and influenza. Also, we can use licorice powder for hair removal.

Mulethi powder helps in enhancing mental ability and concentration. It nurtures the whole nervous system and supports overall well-being. It also helps lower cholesterol levels by controlling LDL levels.

Is Mulethi good for the throat?

Licorice is beneficial in fighting sore throat and cough, but it is also quite useful in relieving nasal and lung infection. Besides, the antibacterial compounds loaded in Licorice helps in getting rid of bacteria present in the mouth.

Therefore, taking Licorice is an excellent way to fight tooth decay and various other gum problems.

Is Mulethi powder good for hair?

Licorice root powder or Mulethi powder is also used to give proper nutrition and enhance hair. We can use Mulethi powder for hair growth. By washing your hair with licorice root powder, it helps to grow hair faster. Take Licorice root powder and buffalo milk, mix it, and make a paste. Apply it on your hair roots and wash it off after dry. It helps to stop hair fall immediately.

What is licorice called in India?

Mainly in India Licorice is known by Mulethi, Jethimadhu, and Mithi Lakadi.