How to use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair

If you are looking for Natural facial hair remover and to use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair then you are right place.

In only 3 steps you can remove your facial hair by using Mulethi powder. This is a beneficial and effective method that has no side effects and is low cost. It also helps lighten skin tones and remove pigmentation marks.

Mulethi powder is a great way to remove facial hair at home. Almost all women have unwanted facial hair problems. Whether it’s on their legs, back, bikini line, underarms, or face – removing unwanted hair is crucial to looking beautiful and Preeti. Don’t worry about that; you can use Mulethi Powder for facial hair removal!

Use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair in 3 Steps

To remove facial hair with mulethi powder, mix the cornflower, moong daal powder, and turmeric powder with a small amount of water to form a paste. Apply the paste to the facial hair using a brush and leave it on for 10-15 minutes until dry. Rinse the area with water and apply a moisturizer. Follow the steps by steps guide.

Follow the Steps

Are you looking for a way to remove facial hair without having to go to a salon? if so you may use Mulethi powder. This article will provide you with some tips on how to use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair, please follow the steps given below.

Facial Hair removal Ingredients
Ingredients for Facial Hair Removal

#1 Choose right Ingredients

These are the main hair removal powder ingredients:

  1. Two tablespoons of Licorice Powder (it is also known as Mulethi, Liquorice Powder or Yestimadhu)
  2. Three tablespoons of besan  (it is also known as gram flour or chickpea flour)
  3. Two tablespoons of moong dal powder
  4. One tablespoon of cornflour
  5. One teaspoon of turmeric powder

#2 Make paste

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to remove your facial hair with ease.

  1. Take a clean bowl and put all ingredients together
  2. Combine the ingredients properly
  3. Simply take small teaspoons of hair remover powder in a small bowl add enough milk to get the smooth paste.
  4. After that, mix it well, make sure the paste is thick and smooth. Now your Permanent facial hair removal facial pack is ready to apply on your face.

#3 Apply Mulethi paste

Just follow the instructions to remove facial hair.

  • Before using the paste dap, little talcum powder with the help of cotton to the areas where you want to remove unwanted facial hair
  • Apply the paste to the area and wait for it to work its magic.
  • After applying the paste, leave it until dry. When it is dry, rub it in a circular motion with your hand. Then wash off the paste with cold water.
Applying Mulethi Powder paste for hair removal

In this method, you won’t see instant results. But if you use it three times a week for up to 2 weeks you can get rid of facial hair permanently. This is the best method to use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair permanently.

Benefits to use Mulethi

You will get unlimited benefits to use Mulethi powder for removing facial hair. Mulethi is a natural and cost-effective way to remove unwanted facial hair without any side effects, pain, or irritation. It will not damage your sensitive skin.

Mulethi has also lots of health benefits include: reducing inflammation, improving blood sugar control, aiding in weight loss, and helping to improve cognitive function.

Mulethi powder for hair removal

Common Names of Mulethi/Licorice

According to state/province and places, Licorice has a different name in India. Such as:

Sanskrit:Yastimadhu, Yastimadhuk, Madhuyasti, Jalyasti, Klitika, Madhuk, Sthlyasti
Hindi:Mulhathi, Malethi, Mulethi, Mithi lakdi, jethimadhu
Kannad:Jesthmadhu, Yashtimahukam
Gujrati:Jethimadha, Jesthimadh
Marathi:Jesthimadhu, Jeshtimadha
Tamil:Atimadhuram, Adimaduram
Telugu:Yastimadhukam, Atimadhuram
Punjabi:Mulethi, Alasu
Bangali:Yastimadhu, Yashtimadhu
Malyalam:Malhathi, Atimadhuram

Patanjali Mulethi Powder FAQs