Oily Skin Causes and How to Stop oily Skin Face


Oily skin is a skin-related hormonal change prevalent mostly among teenagers but sometimes found in adults also as a result of heredity. Generally, oily skin causes due to excess secretion of sebum of the human body, which comes out of the pores, thereby causing the skin to appear shiny.

Oily skin attracts dirt and other environmental pollutants that fly in the atmosphere, and thus if not appropriately checked, may cause different skin-related disorders like acne and blackheads. Oil secretion is more predominant in the nose areas of women. It is such a problem that destroys the looks or appearance of the subject.

Oily skin is not such a problem that cannot be cured at all. To cure it of the root stage, it is necessary to become aware of the several causes that lead to oily skin as it will help check this skin problem properly.

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Causes of oily skin:

  • One of the causes that lead to oily skin is heredity. According to certain dermatologists, if the members of one’s family possess such an oily skin problem. then it is more likely to get the same oily skin problem through means of heredity. It is such a cause that cannot be taken care of. but the oily skin caused can be controlled by following specific measures.
  • Another major cause of oily skin is hormonal activity. With the growing, excess production of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone. It may cause the sebaceous glands in the body to overreact and thereby to produce excess oil than usual. The secretion of this hormone depends entirely on the genetic build-up and thus varies from individual to individual.
  • Oily skin may also result from the intake of birth control pills during pregnancy. which disturbs the hormonal level in the body and causes excess oil production in the skin.
  • Diet is also a factor leading to oily skin. Intake of excess junk foods may result in oily skin. Again deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin B2 and vitamin B5 causes oily skin.
  • Environmental impact on the skin is also a contributing factor to oily skin. Hot weather causes oily skin. Hot and humid weather often causes stimulation of sebaceous glands, which ultimately produce oil. Pollution is also a cause of it. During warm season sweating is a significant event that occurs to everyone. and along with sweat body produces a certain amount of oil.
  • Several cosmetic products hit the market every day. Some of them are sensitive to the skin. Those who use low quality or oil-based cosmetics; for them, oily skin is a common occurrence. The use of certain creams for makeup purposes worsens the situation more and more.

OilySkin Carering Tips

Oily skin is a common problem today due to changes in the climate. increase in pollution in the environment etc and should be taken care of as early as possible as otherwise, it may lead to other disorders.

  • The first and the most basic step towards controlling oily skin is proper cleaning. While cleaning it should be done in a gentle manner without causing skin harshness as it aggravates the problem more. The cleaning procedure varies from season to another season. As during winter, the skin remains dry in normal and thus require mild cleaning while in summer it requires deep cleaning.
  • Secondly, it is advisable not to over wash skin although the cleansing is mild and gentle. Washing twice a day is sufficient as going for more may cause greater production of oil.
  • To wash skin soaps should be banned. As usual, soaps cause the skin to become harsh thereby causing dehydration and thus lead to more oil production than usual.
  • One can use a clay mask to deep clean the skin pores thereby cleaning out extra oil and other dead cells. It should be done not more than once in a week as otherwise. it may increase the problem of oily skin more and more.
  • Those who suffer from dryness after a skin wash. for them, it is advisable to use an astringent lotion followed by a moisturizer to get relief from excess oil produced due to dryness.
  • Cosmetic products like anti-shine primers help a lot by absorbing the excess oil produced during makeup.