Follow these Suggestions while Playing With Your Child

Playing With Your Child is fun for both children and adults. In fact, having children around often is a good excuse for an adult to play!

The children in our lives remind us that life should not always be taken so seriously. Playing games with a child can be an escape, and it gives a good example for a child-that there is a time for work and a time for play.

Playing With Your Child

It gives you and your child something to look forward to as well. It helps you have something to do together besides watching television. Playing games with you and your child can exercise minds and/or provide a workout for the body.

Simple Suggestions

There is a game you may have heard of that can be played with your child. It sometimes is called “Welcome to the Sun.” It starts out by turning on a light and playing some soft, cheerful music.

Then, you can tell your child to lie down, and you can lie down next to him or her. After that, instruct your baby to close his or her eyes. You can tell your child to imagine a bright blue sky on a sunny day with a white cloud in the distance.

You might also want to help your child imagine he or she is swimming in a pool or playing in a park. Perhaps there are animals in the scene that you would guide your child to imagine.

Additional Play

A younger child may want to play games such as hopscotch, leapfrog, or marbles. They may want to run, chase, or catch.

Other kinds of games and activities include logical problems, guessing games, or trivia quizzes. The difficulty level should match the age and capabilities of your child.

Older children may prefer to join a formal sports’ team such as volleyball, soccer, or football. Some kids might play in a school, or perhaps they will join a neighborhood basketball team.

Some children might want to play a team sport but not necessarily be on an organized team. Therefore, they might want to play kickball or foursquare on the playground or in a park.

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Other Fun Activities

Besides playing games or involving yourself in certain indoor or outdoor activities, you might want to try other fun projects. Making creative crafts together may be the ideal kind of fun for some people.

Listening to and participating in creative musical activities can also be very enjoyable to parents and children. All these, as well as the above activities, can also be used to help children of similar or same ages to play together.

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