Shaping Lip with Restylane injection treatments

The next topic is sure to share the opinions of many people. Still, when I first heard about the possibility that I or someone I knew could try Restylane injection treatments * at paolafarinastyling Beauty Studio, I decided to keep it behind my ear. After a while, I heard that a friend of mine had been thinking about treatment for a long time. He had gotten to know the matter and seen how the treatment was implemented in practice. With the same friend, I was still at the Alexandra Beauty Studio for a little Christmas for a consultation and also witnessing the injection treatments myself.

Lip stylining Restylane injection treatments

My friend had long wanted his upper lip a little fuller, but he was also disturbed by the asymmetry of the upper lip. It is that asymmetry and small lips that are principal reasons why people start treating their lips. In this case, therefore, Restylane injection was chosen, as it is a filler that is removed from the body over time and is non-toxic. Restylane does not affect facial movements.

Next, a warning, that is, future images contain sensitive material for needle combs! That is, all you need to do is skip the post, or look at it for the very reason that you see it as a simple thing. The needle is skinny, and the injection sites do not always even leak.

The treatment was carried out at Alexandra Beauty Studio, where the nurse is very experienced in the field, and I think he was able to interpret the patient’s feelings well.

Before the procedure, the entire treatment was started by taking a pre-image of the patient to obtain a reference point for the outcome and, of course, also so that the procedure would not become blind. Nina, who does any duck lip injections, refuses to do so.

The Before image shows a small asymmetry in the upper lip, which is reportedly easy to correct. Also, more volume was desired for the upper lip, so it was decided to treat both sides. The plan also included injecting a small amount of the lower lip to bring roundness to the lips. Also, a sensual spy would be left in the middle. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes overall, and it was reportedly not at all as bad a thing as my friend had feared.

What is Restylane?

In short, however, I could tell you that this is a Swedish crystal-clear filler gel that produces a natural-looking result. Restylane is based on NASHA technology, whose hyaluronic acid resembles the body’s hyaluronic acid. Restylane is used to fill in lines, moisturize the skin, and, e.g. lip shaping. 

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally within the human anatomy because it’s actually a water-binding sugar receptor.

When I understood properly, the aging of skin would be partially as, as time passes, the sum of hyaluronic acid within the human body reduces. Like a consequence skin loses its elasticity and becomes more wrinkled. Injecting hyaluronic acid locally in to troublesome are as fills in areas and also hydrates epidermis. The consequence of this procedure lasts approximately 6 -18 weeks, based on the individual along with era.

In a younger person, a faster metabolism removes the filler from the body faster. If the effect is to be maintained, treatment requires re-treatment. 

For this blog collaboration, my friend received the treatment for free. Admittedly, the price is mainly because Restylane is a costly substance. However, I heard that Nina is currently really employed in terms of injection treatments. Even at Christmas, I witnessed numerous appointments, mostly for middle-aged women, which meant they were willing to pay for the treatment.

Then we get to the point, that is, you can see in the pictures how the whole procedure went because I think you are interested in this a lot.

Before starting the procedure, the client fills in the patient consent and is given his or her patient card. The Restylane product batch label and other necessary information are affixed to the patient card. The treatment agent then displays the unopened package to the patient to ensure the sterile product in question. Once the box has been opened, the patient is shown the substance to be injected separately in case the contents of the package do not match the package.

The injections were then started. First, my friend made one injection on both sides of the upper lip and then waited a moment for the anaesthetic in the syringe to take effect. The stitches themselves seemed to feel relatively small on the outer edges of the lips, but the closer the cupid’s arch got, the more the stitches (or rather the injection of the substance) felt. The therapy had been over quite fast, and also the consequences were more instantly observable.

By the graphics below, you’re able to observe in what way the outcome search. At this point, the lips had not yet gotten worse.

When the upper lip was completed, the last two more injections were made into the lower lip. When the substance was injected in that way from the side, a small groove came in the middle of the lips.

I think at this point the lips already looked good and they weren’t even very swollen. I showed a thumbs up to my friend, who sometimes examined his lips himself with the help of a mirror.

Restylane injecting into the lips

When the syringe was finally empty, i.e. a total of 1 ml of Restylane had been injected into the lips, the lips still had to be rubbed. Nina said some people like this, but for others, this step feels worse than the injection itself. So very individual. However, the substance should be rubbed into the lips carefully so that the meaning does not remain lumpy under any circumstances.

At this point, he noticed how his lips were almost swollen in his eyes after rubbing. However, this is quite normal and swelling due to injections & rubbing usually goes away after one to two days. By the way, do you see any more injection sites anywhere? Incredibly well, the lips still look normal even after such a treatment.

Shaping Lip Result

The result speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Lips aren’t any ducks, and many would probably not even notice the filler-shaped lips in question. I think my friend’s lips look insane at the moment, as the asymmetry was made to disappear well and even the lower lip groove seems good. My close friend is also delighted about the results.

The result is fantastic! Therefore it Gets me seriously Think of If I should Perform it someday … At the moment, my opinion on the matter is that I by no means think wrong of the people who want to do cosmetic repair treatments for themselves. Everyone gets to decide for themselves what to do to their bodies. 

Women who want to maintain their reproductive capacity to freeze their genetic material (eggs) and use it when they want to have children.

I still don’t see that it would be topical for me shortly to fix my face with injection treatments, for example. Admittedly, I can’t predict the future, so how does it know, even if new substances are currently being developed and in twenty years’ time this would be quite commonplace and much cheaper? I have pretty deep grooves between my nose and mouth already now, and they probably won’t beautify with age …

Restylane Lip injection treatments

In the present time, I feel a whole lot of individuals think antipsychotic treatments really are useless. This leads again to how vanity could be many other everyday things, such as fitness, weight loss, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, or even make-up … So let everyone decide for themselves what they do.

Skip ending, and I want to mention that the Alexandra Beauty Studio allows you to choose treatments in addition to lip design also wrinkle-smoothing always framing the face and highlight (raising eyebrows, etc.) As well as skin rejuvenation (correction of scars and acne skin-smoothing). After all, wrinkles can be smoothed, e.g. from the following areas: lines between the nose and mouth, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, laughter wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, downward-turning gills, etc.

Thus take a look at the treatment options then tell us exactly what you consider doing it. I’d really like to know that your perspectives onto Restylane shots! For those who have some questions regarding injection remedies, then you need to make use of the contact form to make it to the most suitable individual.

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