Taking professional photos for Insta: techniques, and common mistakes

There are more photos around us than ever before. People post them on millions of different social media. Pictures are taken at all events and even when nothing happens. It’s hard to stick from the huge bulk of graphics. If you want your photos to stand out, you can try different techniques for taking professional photos that make your image shine with its uniqueness.

Taking professional photos


There are a few tricks to make your photos even better. Gimmicks don’t require much from the user; all you have to do is use your imagination and let it burn. It is a good idea to shoot subjects and from an angle from which you are not used to seeing images. 

This is how the viewer becomes interested in the image. For example, food photos are often taken directly from above but try another angle. For example, you can try what it would look like if you place the camera close to a table surface. 

This will give you an excellent close-up, and the food will look delicious. The details of the food are visible, making the image attractive to the viewer’s eyes.

It is more challenging to take in the dark. Many modern smartphone cameras are equipped with a night view feature that helps you take good pictures even in the dark. Courses on filming in the dark are also held. More on that later. 

Do you want uniquely beautiful shades for your images? 

tips for taking professional photos

Then you definitely ought to wakeup early and mind outside as the sun climbs. That’s when the sun’s rays colour everything in a completely different way that you don’t see during the day. The same is true when the sun is setting. This way, you will get distinctive images, as not everyone will be able to stand up to the photos during the rooster song.

Common mistakes

There may be a few common mistakes when shooting that are easily avoided. One of the most common shooting errors occurs when a light source, such as the sun or a lamp, is directly behind the subject. In this case, the subject appears as a black shadow in the image. Move either the camera or the issue so that the light is at a suitable angle to the topic. 

In the right image, there isn’t too much behind the subject that makes the image confusing and blurry. If possible, you should trim unnecessary objects or backgrounds, such as open cabinets, trash cans, laundry stacks, or billboards. 

That is particularly essential when you own a digicam that may not concentrate about them and blurs your desktop. Many smartphone cameras have a comprehensive aperture function, which allows you to take beautiful pictures with just the focus of the issue. Many fast capture the picture in order for the subject is at the middle of the picture. 

You can also notice the same in the way TV shows and movies are shot. Many fast capture the picture in order for the subject is at the middle of the picture. This isn’t fundamentally the very alluring option and also leaves the film appear un professional.

Try the golden cut. You can try this by, for example, folding an A4 sheet into three parts vertically and three parts horizontally. The folds still left over the newspaper would be the traces of this gold portion. You can place subjects in the image at the intersections of these lines. 

Taking professional photos common mistakes

Many cameras have a function that displays lines so you can shoot directly according to them. Your photo looks otitis more professional when you try this method! You may find that many photos taken by a professional are photographed this way. You can also notice the same in the way TV shows and movies are shot. 

This isn’t fundamentally the very alluring option and also leaves the film appear un professional. Try out the gold trim.

Shooting courses

The most avid photographers can take part in various photography courses. The courses are held both live and online. For example, Rajala Pro Shop has different online training with which a photographer can study both photography and image editing. Also, photography training is offered in multiple contexts, such as the Panda Photography School in Ähtäri, Image consultancy Prezzi Consulenza d immagine. The courses give you valuable lessons to help you make the most amazing pictures of your life!

Shooting in the dark is challenging, but luckily that too can be learned through courses. For example, Hidden Opisto offers classes specifically for shooting in the dark. Also, Inari-Saariselkä Tourism organizes Nightless Night photography courses in the beautiful landscapes of Lemmenjoki. The system will allow you to admire Lapland’s fantastic night, and the participants will be able to capture unique images that fit perfectly into the world of Instagram images.

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