How this two Juice will helps your weight lose Quickly

How to Weight Lose quickly and also Reduce Cholesterol and fight Acne problems. Now in New Generation Being overweight is a huge problem for everyone. It has a great impact on your health and ruins your physical appearance. In this Remedy I have shared two extremely effective remedies and few tips that help in weight loss, fights acne, reduce high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, improve digestion, and energize your mind and body to.

Weight lose quickly

1. Wheat grass juice


Fresh wheat grass or wheat grass powder
Slice of lemon
Paper powder
Black Salt (Optional)
Cup of hot water

Wheat Grass Juice

How to Prepare: – Take around one tea spoon of wheat grass powder add with hot water. Add little bit of paper powder, add pinch of black salt then squeeze the lemon. Now mix all this ingredients well. Now your wheat grass juice is ready for drink.

For the best result everyday early in the morning you can drink it and one in the evening, two times a day.

Mint Juice

Wheat grass juice, it is rich in amino acids minerals vitamins and also natural black salt is source of antioxidant. It helps to clean the blood, aluminates the bad cholesterol from your body, neutralize toxins and it also helps to control appetite. It is extremely effective effectively remedy to lose weight. Within two weeks you can get result with big different with your body weight. So let’s have twice a day once in the morning once in the evening.

2.Fresh mint juice


Fresh mint leafs
Grated ginger

 Mint Juice

How to prepare:- Take two large cups of water and bring it to boil. Boil mint leaf and ginger boil it about 5 minutes until the underwater reduced to half.
Now filter the boil mint and ginger water now add 1 teaspoon of turmeric, mix it well. Now your mint juice is ready to drink.

Fresh Mint Juice

Apart from following this remedy I want to share with you tips that will help you lose weight fast. Drink glass of warm water whenever you feel thirsty. Suppose you cannot drink warm water through of the day. What you can do is drink glass of warm water 15 minutes before your meal and 15 minutes after your meal. Drinking warm water increases your body temperature therefore increases the metabolism brakes and helps you weight lose quickly.
Avoid high in calories foods, avoid junk foods, and avoid cheese and butter.

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